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About Our Organization
Fathers Incorporated

Our mission is to engage, equip and empower a community network of fathers and families by creating an environment of support, parental education, positive societal narratives and a father-focused blueprint to elevate the awareness of responsible fatherhood.

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Thinking of You Dad.

Some interesting facts about fatherhood and dads.

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Data Expresses Importance of Father Involvement 0-5 Years

  • Children whose fathers are stable and involved are better off on almost every cognitive, social, and emotional measure developed by researchers.
  • Father involvement is related to positive cognitive, developmental, and socio-behavioral child outcomes, such as improved weight gain in preterm infants, improved breastfeeding rates, higher receptive language skills, and higher academic achievement.

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The campaign is partially supported by the Walton Family Foundation,
Annie E. Casey Foundation, United Way of Greater Atlanta and Hachette Publishing.