Campaign Pillars

FI anticipates the campaign period to be three-five years. During that time, D2F will focus primarily on dads by providing information, training, and engaging them in dialogue about the six priority areas.

  • Education
  • Family Stability
  • Economics
  • Safety
  • Equity
  • Health & Wellness

The direct impact on fathers will encourage them to:

Short, Medium and Long Term Impacts

  • Influence the emotional experience with fatherhood and their 0-5 children
  • Increase media hits to broaden and deepen messages Influence social service capacity to serve the needs of fathers in the 0-5 years
  • Educate new and to-be fathers to serve as responsible parents
  • Influence the logical and emotional thought processes to which society and individuals process responsible fatherhood
  • Increase relationships with media influencers of societal family culture
  • Impact human services by encouraging awareness of fatherhood/masculine issues
  • Impact the behavior and intimate parental relationships between fathers, mothers and their children
  • Impact the investment of government and business resources into supporting parenting education and human service capacity building
  • Integrate responsible fatherhood and manhood principles in early child development